Sudhi Infomatics

Health Valet

Bhishak Health Valet is a unique visionary product that enables the Patients being the custodians of their Health Records/Data. Bhishak Health Valet is a comprehensive Health Card platform that enables the Patient complete access to all their health data at any time through the built-in application in the Card. These cards can contain up to 4-8 GB of patient demographic and medical data including X-rays, Doctor Visits and Discharge Summaries.

Health Valet:

Utilizing the Insights generated from the Analytics, advanced solutions are packaged and provided to the Clients:

  • Complete record of medical history
  • Built-in application that provides a detailed picture of patient’s health
  • Patient Data including reports and discharge summaries
  • Ample data size of 4-8 GB

Bhishak Health Valet Screens